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Nex Machina: How to Dodge Enemy Attacks


Nex Machina: How to Dodge Enemy Attacks


To ensure that Housemarque’s new twin-stick shooter, Nex Machina, is a fast paced as it can be, one hit from any kind of enemy or weapon will cost you a life.

With tens of enemies on screen at any one time, each with their own unique attacks, you need to be able to dodge them. The enemies that fire pink orbs, or trails of pink lasers are the most frustrating because they can cut off entire sections of a platform or corner you near some enemies.

To dodge, all you have to do is dash away from the enemies, or through them by pressing the left trigger. You can also dash through enemies attacks, so lasers are ineffective when you are dodging. Dodging the attacks, rather than simply manoeuvring your character away ensures that you aren’t hit by anything and it gives you more time to escape once you have finished dashing. Dodging can also allow you to get away from the sight line of enemies and take them out from another angle when they aren’t shooting directly at you.

That is how you dodge enemy attacks in Nex Machina. For more on the game, be sure to stick with us at Twinfinite.

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