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Friday the 13th Game: How to Get Savini Jason Voorhees


Friday the 13th Game: How to Get Savini Jason Voorhees

Friday the 13th Game: How to Get Savini Jason

Savini Jason is a special Jason mask available in the Friday the 13th game. It is a fearsome take on the character that has red glowing eyes, carries a pitchfork and has extraordinary weapon strength and better destruction ability as well. This version of Jason, designed by Tom Savini, is what he imagined Jason would look like if he made out from hell after the film Jason Goes to Hell. He still has his trademark hockey mask, but it appears busted up just enough to let his glowing scars peek through.

As bad ass as this version of Jason may be, unfortunately if you don’t have him by now, you may be out of luck permanently. Savini Jason was a Kickstarter donation/backer kit reward, and there are no plans currently to ever make it available again through paid or free DLC. If you did donate to the Kickstarter, you should have received a code that you can redeem.

Certainly, the developers could change their mind, but right now it appears if you don’t have Savini Jason by now you may never get him. You could try and find a code from someone who hasn’t used their yet, but that of course carries its own set of problems that you should pursue at your own risk.

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