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Final Fantasy XV’s Episode Prompto DLC Gets a Flashy New Trailer

Final Fantasy XV, Episode Prompto

Final Fantasy XV’s Episode Prompto DLC Gets a Flashy New Trailer

Prompto slaying both monsters and his selfies.

Square Enix has recently released the official trailer for the Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto DLC. Following Episode Gladiolus back in March, fans will now get to take control of the selfie-loving gunslinger of the group.

The two-minute Final Fantasy XV clip gives us a good idea of the new features the DLC will bring. Square Enix has decided to take a turn towards the third-person shooter genre similar to their other titles like The 3rd Birthday. Unlike Noctis who relies heavily on warping and close-ranged weapons, Prompto has a wide selection of guns he can take and use against his many enemies.

Incidentally, the teaser also hints that he will be confronting his dark past and even stumbles across a few familiar faces along the way. Just like how Gladio had his own companion in the previous DLC, Aranea Highwind will be the one providing Prompto some support during his journey.

Needless to say, those who have yet to finish the main game should hold off playing the DLC as it will contain major spoilers. The Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto DLC is slated to release this June 27 for the PS4 and Xbox One.


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