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ARMS Debuts at #2 in UK Charts


ARMS Debuts at #2 in UK Charts

Horizon: Zero Dawn has made a surprising comeback.

The latest entry in the Nintendo Switch lineup, ARMS, launched last Friday, but sadly the game hasn’t had enough legs to get the #1 spot in the UK charts, according to GFK Chart Track. The colorful fighting game has been drawing a lot of attention in the last few months, with plenty of hype surrounding the title, but it’s somehow managed to lose out to Horizon: Zero Dawn, which is currently on a price promotion. These still aren’t bad results, though, with ARMS being the 4th biggest Switch title launch out of 11 games so far. The Switch games ahead of ARMS are, perhaps unsurprisingly, Zelda, Mario Kart, and 1-2-Switch.


There are a few reasons why ARMS might not have punched its way to the top spot this week. First off, it’s a brand new IP, meaning there’ll be hesitation from people who might want to buy the game until it’s a little more well known. On top of this, the pricing for ARMS in the UK is a little steep, being priced at £44.99. Finally, despite the Switch launch being incredibly successful (especially when compared to the WiiU), it’s nowhere near as established as the PS4 or Xbox One yet, both of which have been out for almost four years at this point; the Switch has been out for three months.


Elsewhere in the charts, we’re seeing the usual fare. Grand Theft Auto 5, a game that’s consistently in the top ten, is at #3, and last weeks top game, WipeOut: Omega Collection, is now sitting at #5. With any luck, ARMS will have a much stronger debut in other countries and manage to snag the top spot.


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