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PS4 Exclusive Destiny Content Hitting Xbox One after Sequel Launches

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PS4 Exclusive Destiny Content Hitting Xbox One after Sequel Launches

Quite the wait.

Destiny 2 may be mere months away, but content is still slated to hit the original game, even after the sequel has hit shelves.

At the time of Destiny’s release, a deal was struck with Sony so that a great deal of the game’s DLC content would hit the PlayStation family of systems first. Now, even after the last bit of that content has made its way to PS4, several pieces of additional content have yet to hit Xbox One. Those playing on Microsoft’s console will still be able to get their hands on these extra bits of gameplay, they’ll just have to wait until after Destiny 2’s release.

The Xbox One will be receiving content from The Taken King and Rise of Iron expansion packs. These include exotic weapons and skins that Xbox players have not had access to since they were originally released in 2015. While this additional content isn’t a game-changer, it is nice that it is finally coming to all systems – both current and last gen.

For more details on what content will be released and how the original game will function after the long awaited sequel releases, check out Bungie’s most recent blog post.

Destiny 2 will release for PS4, Xbox One and PC on September 6, 2017.

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