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ARMS: How to Change Grand Prix Difficulty


ARMS: How to Change Grand Prix Difficulty


Grand Prix is the main single player mode in ARMS and sees you take on ten different fighters, in a variety of match types, in an attempt to defeat them all. There is also seven different difficulty settings for the Grand Prix mode, with the higher difficult levels awarding you more credits to unlock new arms.

The lowest difficult option (level 1) is the default option and is very simple. You will often get perfect rounds and will defeat the enemies without much effort, so you will want to give yourself more of a challenge. To change difficulty, you need to first select your character, you will then see a scale with one to seven, each with a crown above them. Using the left thumbstick, scroll right to select which difficulty level you want, with one being the easiest and seven being the hardest. Keep in mind that you need to have won a level four Grand Prix to begin competing in ranked online matches.

Choosing a higher difficultly level in Grand Prix makes ARMS much more of a challenge and improves your fighting skills. For more on ARMS, be sure to stick with us at Twinfinite.

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