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ARMS: How to Get Coins Fast and What They’re For


ARMS: How to Get Coins Fast and What They’re For

Rolling in the coins.

Getting and Using Coins in ARMS

Gold coins are your main source of currency in ARMS, and they’re important to your gameplay, especially if you want to unlock new gloves for your characters and really expand their combat and play styles.

First off, they can be obtained simply by playing the game. Whether you’re playing Grand Prix, Versus, or Party matches, you’ll earn some currency for anything you do. In Grand Prix mode, you’ll only earn coins if you win a match. However, you increase the amount that you earn by playing through the mode on higher difficulties. The game will also reward you with more coins if you manage to score perfect victories against your opponents. If you want to earn money quickly, consider playing through Grand Prix mode on the highest difficulty that you can manage.

Party matches are also a great source of income. Whether you win or lose, you’ll get coins for your participation, though you’ll earn more if you happen to win.

Once you have enough, you can then use the currency to unlock new Arms for your characters. Simply go to the ‘Get New Arms’ option in the bottom right corner of the main menu, and cough up some cash to participate in a short minigame where you get to earn new gloves.

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