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New Trademark Hints That Super Nintendo World May Be Coming to America


New Trademark Hints That Super Nintendo World May Be Coming to America

We can only hope.

A recent US Trademark for ‘Super Nintendo World’ could indicate that Nintendo has big ideas in the works for their theme park ventures. The trademark was pointed out by a recent post on NeoGAF. It’s been known for a while that Nintendo has partnered with Universal to create a Nintendo themed attraction in Japan, there have been only rumblings about possible expansions to other countries. While a US Trademark itself isn’t a solid confirmation of anything, the Trademark was filed with the basis “1(b),” which translated from legalese to English means “Intent to use.”

The Japanese attraction is supposed to open in the Universal Studios park by 2020, to be done before the Japanese Olympics. At the time of that reveal the two companies showed off some concept artwork, and then stated that the park would include “authentic environments filled with multiple attractions, shops and restaurants.” Enough to get any Nintendo fan excited. Since then everyone involved with the project has gone quiet about the proposed park, let alone any plans for expansion outside of Japan.

Whether this Trademark means there are active plans to pursue a US based ‘Super Nintendo World,’ or if it is merely a company protecting their interests, it is beginning to seem like it’s only a matter of time before we get Mario themed attractions at American Universal Studios parks. Until we get official confirmation the idea remains just a dream, but this news is certainly promising. Maybe one day in the next few years, a visit to the Mushroom Kingdom won’t be limited to the screens in our homes.

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This post was originally authored by David Buckley.

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