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The Surge: How to Save Your Game


The Surge: How to Save Your Game

Always a good thing to know.

Saving Your Game in The Surge

Much like the Soulsborne series and other Souls-like games, The Surge features a very aggressive auto-save system. For instance, whenever your character dies, the game immediately saves your progress as it sends you back to the last medbay you rested at. If you quit the game at any point in time, reloading your save will put you back right at the spot you were at when you exited. This means that you should consider all of your actions carefully (like choosing which implants to install, and which types of gear to craft) before actually committing to it.

There’s no manual save option in the game, but you can rest assured with the knowledge that the game will record all of your progress aggressively as you continue playing. However, to be absolutely safe, make sure to exit the game safely and properly when you want to stop. Head into your options menu and select the option to exit the game to ensure that no data corruption occurs. If you want to be absolutely sure that the game has saved your progress, the best way to do this is to rest at a nearby medbay before quitting out.

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