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Rime: How to Solve the First Golden Ball Puzzle


Rime: How to Solve the First Golden Ball Puzzle


In Rime, the new game from Tequila Works, you’ll come across a number of different puzzle types on the island. One of those is the golden ball puzzle and you’ll come across the first one quite early in the game.

You’ll come to a platform where you’ll see two blocks, each with a moon on – one will have a statue on it and the other will not. There’s a bright silhouette behind each of them, showing stars and an archway of some sorts. You’ll also see a golden ball moving very slowly around a circular track in the middle of the larger platform. You need to walk over to the ball, press Square/X to grab it, and then use the analog stick to move it forwards or backwards – doing so will change the time of the day. Change the time of day using the golden ball until the moon makes the statue’s shadow fit in the silhouette of an archway behind it. Once you’ve done so, head over to the other platform without a statue and stand on it. Position yourself so that you fit perfectly in the silhouette, as the statue does on the other platform, and the bridge will appear for you to cross over to the next area.

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