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Prey: How to Sprint & Move Faster


Prey: How to Sprint & Move Faster

Sprint wisely.

How to Sprint in Prey

Sprinting is an important basic skill that you’ll need to learn if you’re to have any hope of surviving the horrors in Prey. As is the case in most modern video games these days, you’ll move faster if you sprint, but do be warned that you’ll make a lot more noise, and this could cause enemies to home in on your position quickly.

To sprint, all you have to do is hit the L3 button on your controller by pressing down on the left analog stick. This will allow Morgan to break into a full speed run, letting you get around quickly. We recommend not sprinting too much during the game’s early hours, as you’ll need a bit of time to get acquainted with the combat and controls. As previously mentioned, sprinting has the potential to attract a lot of unwanted attention to your character, and you could get overwhelmed by too many enemies. Sprint only when you need to get out of a sticky situation, or when you’re comfortable enough with the game’s layout to get quickly from one place to another.

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