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Prey: How to Sneak and Use Stealth


Prey: How to Sneak and Use Stealth

How to Sneak and Use Stealth in Prey

Talos-I is a sprawling space station full of lots of areas and hazards for players to dive into in Prey. It also has plenty of hiding places for Typhon, your primary group of enemies, so being able to sneak around and use stealth maneuvers is definitely recommended so you can avoid tricky situations as well as get the drop on your adversaries.

Like in most games, the ability to sneak is basically tied to crouching. This reduces your visibility, making it harder for you to be spotted. It helps if you crouch near or behind objects as well. You can tell that stealth is working because the corners of your screen will grow dark.

In order to sneak successfully in Prey, you’ll also want to reduce the amount of noise you make. Walking, running, sprinting, moving objects, falling, and jumping all make noise. You can eliminate these by investing in the Stealth branch (located under the Security tree in the Neuromods tab). This can make it harder for you to be seen in general while also removing from all movement noise if you get all three upgrades.

For more on Prey, be sure to check out our wiki.

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