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Prey: How to Sneak Attack


Prey: How to Sneak Attack

How to Sneak Attack in Prey

You’ll come across a lot of dangers while exploring the Talos-I, the space station that serves as the world of Prey, and encountering Typhon, the game’s enemy creatures. There are many different approaches you can take when dealing with threats and obstacles, but a good way to take out enemies quickly and efficiently is with a sneak attack. Unfortunately, it’s not something that’s readily available from the very start of the game.

In order to sneak attack in Prey, you’ll first need to at least obtain Sneak Attack I. You can find it under the Neuromods tab as part of the Security tree. It will cost you 4 Neuromods but will allow you to do double damage to enemies that haven’t spotted you yet. Whether you’re using a ranged weapon or your wrench, this makes life a lot easier.

To sneak attack, simply get a line of sight on the enemy while keeping quiet (they can detect noise) and fire your weapon. If you’re brave, just move close, slowly, and swing your wrench. Go for a charged wrench swing for tons of damage. That’s all there is to it.

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