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Prey: How to Scan Enemies With the Psychoscope


Prey: How to Scan Enemies With the Psychoscope

Learn more about the enemy.

Scanning Enemies With the Psychoscope in Prey

In Prey, Morgan can learn the Typhon’s supernatural abilities and install them as Neuromods once they’ve been properly researched. Before this can happen, you’ll need to scan enough enemies with the Psychoscope.

First off, you can get the Psychoscope as you play through the game naturally. You’ll find it in the Psychotronics department. To equip it, simply press the R3 button on your controller. Now, you’ll be able to mark enemies like usual, but you’ll also be able to scan them. Simply locate an enemy with the Psychoscope, and keep the scope trained on them until they’ve been scanned fully. You can tell when the scanning process is done by keeping an eye on the white circle that appears around the enemy itself.

After you’ve scanned enough of the same type of enemy, you’ll learn a special ability. For instance, scanning enough Mimics will allow you to learn the ability to transform Morgan’s physical shape as well. However, be careful with installing too many Typhon Neuromods, as the turrets could stop recognizing you as human.

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