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Prey: How to Repair Machines & Objects


Prey: How to Repair Machines & Objects


As you explore Talos I in Prey, you will come across many different kinds of technology that you can use. However, some of them will need repairing before you can use them. Here’s how to repair things in Prey.

To get this technology back working, simply walk up to an object and wait for two or three options to appear. You need to press triangle/Y to repair it but if the option is red, you will not be able to.

You need to have unlocked particular Neuromods to fix the objects in Prey. You can unlock them in the Neuromods section of the menu, in the Engineer skills tab.

Repair I allows you to repair Grav Shafts, Fabricators, and Recyclers. The second allows you to fix Turrets, Operators, and Electrical Junctions. Finally, the third allows you to fortify Turrets.

You need to find Neuromods throughout the world and use them to unlock each tier before you can begin repairing the objects you find. The first tier requires one Neuromod, the second requires four, and the final tier requires eight, so you’ll need to find quite a few to reach your full potential.

For more on the game, be sure to check out our wiki.

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