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Prey: How to Find All Password Locations


Prey: How to Find All Password Locations

How to Find All Passwords in Prey

Unlike safe codes and other number keys in Prey, passwords aren’t actually typed in. Instead, you must find them out in the world which will let you return to a terminal and unlock it. If you don’t, then you’re forced to hack, and that requires specific skills which become costly as you upgrade. Because of that, we can’t simply tell you what each password is. Knowing the combinations of words and numbers does absolutely nothing since you can’t actually type them. What we can do however is tell you where to find the passwords for each terminal. Let’s begin:

Simulation Briefing – This is an easy one to find in Prey as it’s literally written on the terminal. Just examine the sticky note attached to the station.

Security Both – On a note near Divya Naaz’s body.

Jason Chang’s Terminal (Executive Offices) – Another one that’s on a note attached to the side of the computer.

Volunteer Quarters – Head to Bianca Goodwin’s terminal and read the Volunteer Attitude email to add this one to your Prey passwords collection.

Pilot’s Lounge – Locate the audio log found on Octavia Figg’s Transcribe, it’s called “This Isn’t a Drill.” Listen to it for the password.

Thorstein’s Office – Read the email “You’re in Charge.”

Small Scale Testing – Search the floor for a clipboard that has a note with the passwords.

Ballistics Lab Safe – You will need Leverage I or some clever thinking to lift a grate in the corner of the Ballistics Lab. There’s a note under it with the information you seek.

Machine Shop Supply Closet – Dr. Calvino’s TranScribe has a log called “First Thing Tomorrow.” Play it.

Psychotronics Armory – Don’t kill Aaron Ingram and you’ll get the password.

GUTS Maintenance Tunnel – Find the corpse of Kimberly Bomo and read the note on her person.

Magnetosphere Control Room – Head to the bathroom and move the toilet paper on the shelves. There’s a note underneath.

Julien Howard’s Password – Locate the corpse of Iris Stein and read the paper nearby.

Concierge Fitness Center – Head to the security station and read “New Gym Code” email. the password is in there.

Crew Quarters Fitness Center – Check out a note in the nearby bathroom.

Abigail Foy’s Terminal – Check under her desk.

Calvino’s Safe – Check out Calvino’s workstation and listen to the audio log that’s there.

Habitation Pods Mail Room – Locate Anders Kline’s habitation pod. You’ll find this Prey password inside.

Crew Quarters Freezer – Just wait around until you watch the cook unlock the freezer.

Executive Suites (Mitchell’s Cabin) – Check Mitchell’s terminal for an email called “Food Request for Alex.”

Executive Suites (Crew Quarters: Recycler Room) – Check out the note that’s on the table.

Executive Suites (Fitness Center) – Look for Emma Beatty’s computer and read “Personal Training Session.”

Deep Storage Stairwell – There’s a note on Zacharay West’s desk.

Ivy Song’s Terminal – That same note from West’s desk.

Deep Storage Safe – Check the workstations until you find Danielle Sho’s, then look behind it for a note.

Gus Magill’s Terminal – On Gus’ desk is a telephone. Pick it up to find a secret note.

Cargo Bay Safe – Speak to Sarah Elazar at Cargo Bay A for another addition to your Prey passwords collection.

Parts Storage (Power Plant) – You’ll need to listen to the “Parts Storage” audio log. It belongs to Duncan Krassikoff.

Price Broadway’s Password – Find his workstation, then look around for a supply crate you can open.

Storage Room (Life Support) – Enter the Oxygen Flow Control Room and find the note for this Prey password.

Security Station Safe (Life Support) – The password is on a note located on Erica Teague’s corpse.

Bridge Safe – In a book located in the captain’s loft.

Just head to the locations listed and you’ll find the Prey passwords you’re looking for. Also note that this is a work in progress, as we get further in the game and gather more information, we’ll be sure to update. For more on Prey, be sure to check out our wiki.

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