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Prey: How to Hack


Prey: How to Hack

Gene Hackerman.

How to Hack in Prey

Prey features a lot of locked doors and computer terminals. However, by purchasing the relevant Neuromod, you can bypass the process of having to search for a password, and just opt to hack your way in. First of all, before you can start hacking anything, be sure to purchase the Neuromod that allows you to bypass security. There are multiple tiers to this skill, but the level one mod will let you hack into quite a few terminals.

To hack a door or terminal, simply interact with it, and select the hacking option in the bottom right corner of the screen. This will initiate a minigame where you have to guide a ball through a maze to get to a glowing green circle. Once you move it to the circle within the time limit, a button prompt will appear and you’ll have to hit the corresponding face button on your controller to complete the hack. It’s a simple enough process, but actually moving the ball to the circle can be tricky. The ball will easily bounce off any surfaces you run into, making it a lot more challenging to actually maneuver it through the maze. The best advice we can give you is to take it slow, and don’t try to brute force your way through the minigame.

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