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Prey: How to Get Exotic Material


Prey: How to Get Exotic Material

How to Get Exotic Material in Prey

While playing through Prey, you’ll come across Fabricators which allow you to craft useful items such as medkits, weapons, ammunition, and even Neuromods (which serve as Prey’s skill points). Neuromods are among the most important items in the game, so its no surprise that you need exotic material to craft them. But how exactly do you get exotic material?

You can actually find it laying around, though it’s much rarer than other materials in the game. It will be in locked safes, found in containers, or even lying in wait atop of corpses. You can also harvest some from dead Typhon, though you’ll need the Necropsy Neuromod (found under the Scientist tree in the Physician branch). this will let you get more valuable organs from Typhon which can be recycled for exotic material. You can then use it at a Fabricator to make your trusty Neuromods.

Typhon are most certainly the best way to farm this stuff, so prepare for a fight if you’re really in dire need. If combat isn’t your strong suit, you’re just going to have to make due with what you find laying around.

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