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All of the News From the Arms Nintendo Direct Today


All of the News From the Arms Nintendo Direct Today

“Having Arms like this is actually pretty rad”

The new Arms Nintendo Direct was today and they announced tons of new features and new characters for the upcoming Nintendo Switch Title. One of the new features that is sure to please fighting fans, is the inclusion of many different fighting modes. There will be the basic mode called Fight which is a standard method of fighting that includes dropped items for fighters to consume. There will also have a Team Fight mode where it is similar to the Fight mode, except players will battle in teams of two.

If you want a break from fighting, there will also have a Volleyball mode that will have fighters try to knock an explosive volleyball across the net. For players who enjoy sports but do not want to go through the trouble of using a ball, then the Hoops mode is for you. Instead of a basketball, you throw your opponent through a hoop to score.

They also detailed new game modes for players who would rather play online and test their skills across the internet. If you are looking to compete with the best of the best, there will be a competitive mode that matches you with other ranked players. But if having fun with friends is more your speed, then Party Match might be better suited for you. This mode is more dedicated to having fun with friends, and supports up to 20 players at a time.

The most anticipated part of the Arms Nintendo Direct was of course the new fighters. They announced three new fighters. These fighters have unique looks and interesting new Arms. Check out our detailed post of all the new fighters here.

The last, and arguably the best announcement they made was surrounding DLC for the game. They will continue to announce new characters, stages and Arms after the game is released and will available in the form of free updates.

If you are interested in playing Arms before anyone else, make sure to participate in the online demo event of the game called Arms Global Test Punch. This event will be begin May 26 and will have dates all the way into June. If you are interested in joining the test, then check the Nintendo eShop for more information.

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