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NBA Playgrounds: How to Play With Friends


NBA Playgrounds: How to Play With Friends


Just as you did with NBA Jam and NBA Street, you will want to test your skills against friends from the comfort of your couch in NBA Playgrounds.

Local multiplayer works in the same way it does in most sports games. From the main menu, you choose exhibition match and there will be four spaces that you can choose, representing the four characters in the teams. To choose which team and character you want to represent, you move left or right using the controller’s left thumbstick and press X/A to select. You will then choose a team and a player, then you will be ready to compete. If you have played a single-player match previously, the characters you choose may already be chosen, so to return, simply press circle/B until the four boxes are clear.

Unfortunately, NBA Playgrounds does not feature online co-op. You can play one-on-one, with each real world player controlling two characters but you will not be able to do two-on-two with everyone controlling someone. Hopefully, that functionality will be added to the game in the future but we do not know whether that is something the developer is planning as of yet.

For more on how to improve your skills in NBA Playgrounds, stick with us at Twinfinite.

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