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Mafia III DLC Stones Unturned Is Available Today

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Mafia III DLC Stones Unturned Is Available Today

Lincoln is back with his favorite wingman.

Stones Unturned, Mafia III’s second wave of DLC is available today. The paid pack consists of a new story campaign, new locations to explore, new weapons, and a “mission mode”.

The story is based around fan favorite John Donovan, the former CIA agent who previously assisted Lincoln Clay in the main game. Donovan’s former rival, Connor Aldridge, created his own mercenary army that is on the hunt for a downed plane on an island near New Bordeaux. Aboard the aircraft is a Russian missile packing a nuclear warhead, which Donovan is determined not to let fall into Alrdige’s hands. Now Lincoln and Donovan will buddy up and relive their military days in a quest to stop him.

The DLC debuts new weaponry such as beefed up rocket launchers and vehicle-mounted machine guns. Speaking of which, several new vehicles can also be customized with decals and camouflage.

Once players are finished with the story, there is an all-new bounty hunter mission mode. The missions have players tracking down dangerous targets across New Bordeaux, slightly reminiscent of Hitman’s contract mode.

Stones Unturned is $15 as a standalone pack. Players who bought the season pass or Delux edition of Mafia III get it for free.

You can check out more in the trailer below.

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