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Injustice 2 Character Guide: How to Play Joker


Injustice 2 Character Guide: How to Play Joker

The Joker is a returning member of the Injustice 2 cast, despite being killed by Superman during the events of the first game. He is a good mid range character, thanks to his special moves. His move BANG! is a long range projectile that fires straight at an opponent. Flying gas, on the other hand, is thrown in a parabola over a combatant’s head. It can also be rolled along the ground. Both versions can be meter burned, which causes Joker to shoot the canister, making it explode.

Crowbar and Chattering Teeth are both good close-range attacks. The former is good for mid or high attacks and hit quite hard, trapping the character in the animation. Meter burn it and you can add several more hits. It can be used at a distance to close gaps. Chatter Teeth sees the mad clown place a pile of chattering teeth on the ground, which then explode several seconds later. It hits low and is good if you want stun an enemy and lead into an attack.

He’s not the strongest character in the game, so your focus should be to close the gap and take advantage of his various combos. The Joker has some fairly simple combos that are easy to lead into and easy to pull off. Learning these can at least let you string together several attacks to keep your opponent off guard.

His final special move, Joy Buzzer, is a counter. It rounds out his move set nicely, giving him plenty of ranged, close quarters, and counter attack options. He isn’t the most difficult character in the game but you’ll need to figure out how to tie the Clown Prince of Crime’s attacks together if you want to make an impact on the multiverse.

Crowbar: Forward, Heavy

Flying Gas: Down, Forward, Light

BANG!: Down, Back, Light

Chattering Teeth: Down, Back, Heavy

Joy Buzzer: Down, Back, Medium

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