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Fire Emblem Echoes: How to Recruit Faye


Fire Emblem Echoes: How to Recruit Faye

How to Recruit Faye in Fire Emblem Echoes

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia starts out in the quiet Ram Village, where Alm has spent his life training with his grandfather. Alm has quite a few friends from the village though, and they can all join you on your long journey. One of those friends is Faye, a nervous girl who starts out with low stats but has a ton of potential for growth.

Faye can be recruited at the start of the game, along with Alm’s other friends Gray, Tobin, and Kliff. After watching the initial scenes and story, you’ll finally be granted the option of leaving Ram Village. At the village exit recruit Gray and Tobin, and then leave. Now reenter the village, and you’ll see Faye and Kliff on the first screen. At this point, just talk to them and you’ll be given the option of recruiting her for your army.

Like the others from Ram, Faye starts out as a weak villager. Once she’s gained a few levels, however, you’ll have the option of promoting her to a new class. You can choose between Lancer, Mercenary, Archer, Cavalier, and Mage. Faye’s attack and speed stats mean she’d be a good fit for the Mercenary class, but you can mold her into any unit you want throughout the course of the game.

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