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Dr. Pete Hines is Back With Another Sick Note So You Can Prey All Day


Dr. Pete Hines is Back With Another Sick Note So You Can Prey All Day

Take a dose of Prey and call Dr. Hines in the morning

Here we are less than a full day away from being able to bring Prey into the comfort of our own homes. Less than a day away from fighting the invasion. Less than a day away from… another day at work or at school or fulfilling some other obligation that will be snatching us away from our newfound intergalactic purpose. This time around you’ll have to wait for the weekend to officially hit and spend all of Friday wishing you were clutching a controller and combating the “unimaginable threat” that Bethesda has been teasing for all this time. If only you were experiencing complications from a Neuromod implant procedure and needed to stay home to rest for two or three days.

Well, it turns out that Dr. Pete Hines is here to save the day yet again! If you aren’t familiar with Dr. Hines’ work, he is the vice president of PR and marketing at Bethesda and a world renowned physician in the best part of our imaginations. Last year, Hines took to Twitter to share a faux doctor’s note that gamers could use if they wanted to take the day off to play Skyrim SE. The medical excuse provide to us by “Uncle Pete” at that time was Nirnroot exposure. This time around Dr. Hines’ patients have all suddenly suffered from complications from a Neuromod implant procedure and will need to spend a few days playing Prey at home resting.

You’re probably wondering if the publicly shared doctor’s note will really be convincing enough to get you out of work. Have no fear because Dr. Hines pays attention to the very last detail with a signature that reads “Pete Hines, MD, MBA, YMCA, PhD.” You surely won’t find any other medical expert with those credentials listed at the bottom of your doctor’s note.

So fret not and want not. Dr. Hines, who is obviously not a real doctor, will always be there to make sure you can take the day off to enjoy newly released Bethesda titles without the stress of being an adult for a while.

Prey will hit shelves tomorrow, May 5.

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