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Sniper Ghost Warrior 3: How to Heal


Sniper Ghost Warrior 3: How to Heal


You will probably take on the majority of enemies from far away with your sniper so that you stay out of trouble, but over the course of the Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, you will certainly end up in the center of a firefight.

Since the enemies are generally pretty competent, they are able to shoot you from pretty much anywhere and you will take quite a lot of damage. Unfortunately, the game does not feature automatic healing so you have to rely on med-kits and pills that you have bought or crafted at the safe house. Pills heal you slightly and keep you away from near death, adrenaline packs increase your health but your character will breath heavily, and med-kits help you regain a significant amount of health.

To heal yourself, hold left on the d-pad and use the right stick to select the healing item you want to use. Upwards is the adrenaline pack, to the left is the med-kit, and to the right is the pills. Be sure to know what each one does and be fully stocked up on them before you head into a mission.

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