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Skyforge: How to Change Your Class


Skyforge: How to Change Your Class

How to Change Your Class – Skyforge

In Skyforge, there are many classes you can swap between while using your own character and jumping between them is quite simple.

From the start, you’ll have access to one tank, one DPS, and one healing class. As of launch, they are the Paladin, Cryomancer, and Lightbinder. All the additional classes are available to everyone, but they require time to unlock.

You can switch your class at any time, as long as you are not in combat. When you pause the game, a menu will appear that you can scroll through. All the icons are characters that you can switch to and the ones you have access to will be shown by the icon being lit up. To change, simply choose one that you have unlocked and click on it. The menu will close and a short animation will show that sees your character change.

The class you switch to will be weaker if you’ve never used it before, partly due to the lack of skill choice. However, it will not make a difference big enough to force you to start over again and leveling up a class doesn’t take very long.

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