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Persona 5: What to Do With the Plant


Persona 5: What to Do With the Plant

Don’t neglect it.

Taking Care of the Plant in Persona 5

After Morgana starts living with you in Persona 5, he’ll eventually ask you to clean out the rest of your room so everything becomes neat and tidy. After cleaning everything, you’ll unlock a plant in the corner. While the plant isn’t exactly important in helping you progress through the story, it’s very helpful in that it can help increase your Kindness stat.

All you have to do is purchase plant food from stores around Tokyo and water it every few days to get a small Kindness rank boost. The best part is that feeding and watering it doesn’t take up any time at all. This means that you’re essentially receiving a Kindness boost for absolutely free. Because of that, we definitely recommend that you pay some attention to your plant on a daily basis, as increasing your Kindness stat will allow you to take on more part-time jobs and progress in various Confidant ranks. There are other ways of increasing your Kindness of course, but don’t waste this free and incredibly easy opportunity.

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