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Persona 5: How to Get a Part-Time Job


Persona 5: How to Get a Part-Time Job

Don’t be a homebody.

How to Get a Part-Time Job in Persona 5

If you need more money or just additional ways to increase specific character stats in Persona 5, you’re going to want to pick up a part-time job at some point. You’ll only be able to get a part-time job after you’ve gained full access to the game’s ‘open world’ and city, so just progress through the story normally until the game gives you free reign over your time and what you want to do.

To get a part-time job, head over to Shibuya station and look for a stand with brochures on it. There are brochures for travel agencies, as well as listings for jobs. From the stand, you can select the job you want to take on, as well as check the details such as how much the job pays, what stats you can raise, as well as the job schedule. However, do note that some jobs may require you to hit certain ranks for your other stats, so not everything will be available to you right from the get-go. Getting a job is a great way to help you earn some extra cash and level up stats so that you can progress through social links and Confidant ranks that need them.

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