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Persona 5: How to Get and Max Out the Tower Confidant (Shinya Oda)


Persona 5: How to Get and Max Out the Tower Confidant (Shinya Oda)

Super high school level gamer.

Getting the Tower Confidant (Shinya Oda) in Persona 5

Shinya Oda is a master gamer that you can get as a Confidant a little more than halfway through Persona 5. If you like using guns, you’ll definitely want to rank this one up as all the unlocked abilities center on your effectiveness with firearms.

Below you’ll find each rank along with their unlock requirements and any answers that help move things along more quickly.

Rank 1: 9/6, Unlocks Down Shot

You must start the “Winners Don’t Use Cheats” request that Mishima gives you on 9/4. Reach the boss to discover that you can’t beat him, which leads to you tracking down Shinya. Head back and finish the request, then say whatever you want to start this Confidant bond.

Rank 2: Unlocks Bullet Hail

Answer 1 – “Don’t compare me to you.”

Answer 2 – “What a rude employee.”

Answer 3 – “Do you admire them?”

Answer 4 – “So do I” or “I’ll let them know.”

Rank 3: Unlocks Warning Shot

Shinya will invite you out to eat, accept to pursue this rank.

Answer 2 – “That’s the spirit.”

Rank 4:

Answer 1 – “Yeah, you tell him!”

Answer 2 – “Get your revenge.”

Rank 5: Unlocks Ammo Pouch

Answer 1 – “It was Pretty Weird” or “He must’ve rigged it.”

Answer 2 – “I’m sure you can do it. “

Answer 3 – “You need a new strategy.”

Rank 6: Unlocks Cheap Shot

Answer 3 – “I believe in you.”

Answer 4 – “Not at all.”

Rank 7:

Say whatever you want.

Rank 8: Unlocks Electric Slug and “A Mother’s Aggression” request

Answer 1 – “No, she’s not” or “Is that what you think?”

Answer 2 – “I believe in them.”

Rank 9: Must complete “Mother’s Aggression” first

Answer 1 – “I’m glad to hear that.”

Answer 2 – “No, that makes sense” or “It means you’ve matured.”

Answer 3 – “He wants to win at all costs.”

Rank 10: Unlocks Oda Special and the Ultimate Tower Persona, Mada, for fusion.

Be sure to check back with Twinfinite and our ever-expanding wiki for more tips, tricks, and information on Persona 5.

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