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Persona 5: How to Get All Endings (Good & Bad)

Persona 5 Endings

Persona 5: How to Get All Endings (Good & Bad)

There are four endings for Persona 5, though it’s quite easy to be tricked into thinking that there are only two. Here are how to get all four endings in Persona 5.

You’ll need to make very specific decisions during the game. You’ll also need to complete some things before the end of the game as well.

Each ending has an effect on your friends, as well as yourself. They also decide what happens to the world as you know it as you’ve been a key player through it all, the Wild Card.

Your ability to control multiple Personas, and how you attract people towards your cause has been shaping everything around you.

Hearts are stolen, people’s lives are changed, and the popularity of the Phantom Thieves rises. But how it all actually ends is up to you.

Do note that not meeting deadlines does lead to the “end” of the game. They’re game overs, but since they’re more failures than actual endings, we’re not counting those. Just know if you fail a deadline, you lose.

Needless to say, there will be some spoilers ahead. After all, we are about to tell you how to get each ending, which requires a bit of setup and explanation.

We won’t go into too much detail, but still, if you’d rather not know anything, turn back now.

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