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Persona 5: How to Hide From Enemies and Take Cover


Persona 5: How to Hide From Enemies and Take Cover

How to Hide From Enemies in Persona 5

There will come a point during your time with Persona 5 that you will be able to be a stealthy thief. If you want to take your enemies by surprise and ambush them, there will be many times that you will want to hide from them in order to do so. Basically, you’ll take cover behind a corner, a couch, or anything that will obstruct the view of the enemy shadows.

When you come to a spot like this, you can hit X and you will hide behind it. You’ll see the prompt to do so, letting you know that you can. You can often see your teammate already using it, as well.
This lets you know there’s definitely a shadow around the corner, too, as they’re waiting for you to ambush them and get them out of the way.

Using these tactics are important in ambushing shadows and making sure your security level doesn’t raise any higher. It will be more trouble than it’s worth to deal with that, so just stick to the shadows to take down those… shadows.

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