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Persona 5: How to Choose Difficulty Level


Persona 5: How to Choose Difficulty Level

How to Choose the Difficulty Level in Persona 5

Persona 5 isn’t that easy as a JRPG. You can grind yourself to be better, but it will take you some time. When you first start, though, you might be wondering where the difficulty selection scene is supposed to pop up! It certainly isn’t right away, like most games. Fret not, you most likely didn’t miss it. It won’t appear for you until after the tutorial. You can’t miss it if you’re just playing on through. Well, maybe you can, if you’re just mashing the X button all willy nilly.

Note that you can change your difficulty level at any time, unless you choose the safest option. This easy as heck option is all you’ll get, so maybe don’t jump to that until you’re absolutely sick of any challenge that the game provides.

And, again, it’s not that easy of a game as you’ll be facing up against time as well as powerful enemies. You need to juggle a lot of aspects of the game wisely, and some wrong moves could lead to pretty irreparable game over screens. Don’t hesitate to lower the difficulty if you need to. There are no trophies tied to beating the game a certain way.

For more help with Persona 5, be sure to check back to Twinfinite for guides and tips!

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