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Persona 5: How to Perform a Hold Up


Persona 5: How to Perform a Hold Up

This is a hold-up!

Performing a Hold Up in Persona 5

A new feature introduced in Persona 5 is the Hold Up. By initiating this feature, you’ll be able to do a few things such as starting an All-Out Attack, or negotiating with Shadows to coerce them into joining your team, giving you money, or giving you items. Not only that, they are also incredibly useful for turning the tables on your foes and gaining the upper hand.

To get a Hold Up, all you have to do is deliver a critical hit on an enemy, or exploit their weak points. Once all enemies are downed, the game will start a Hold Up, and you can then choose between resuming the battle normally, using an All-Out Attack, or starting a negotiation. However, it’s important to note that Hold Ups will not occur if you do not get a critical hit or weakness exploitation on the final enemy. This means that even if you’re able to down two out of three enemies, and you manage to completely defeat the third, you will not get the Hold Up. The critical hits and exploitations are vital for triggering this.

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