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Overwatch Uprising: How to Beat Legendary Difficulty


Overwatch Uprising: How to Beat Legendary Difficulty

The Basics

Legendary Difficulty – Overwatch Uprising

There are a lot of different events in the hit multiplayer shooter Overwatch, but the latest activity will push you and your team of four to the absolute limit. Dubbed Uprising, this Overwatch event tasks players with hacking three checkpoints, defending a payload, and then eliminating four key targets that are just reskinned Orisas. While there are clearly a lot of objectives to finish, this only becomes more challenging when Uprising is bumped up to the Legendary Difficulty. Enemies will have more health and hit harder, meaning you can easily be killed along with the payload, which also has a health bar. There are two variants to this events, with one having a set team to choose from and the other offering allowing all four players to pick any hero from the Overwatch roster.

For this guide, we will focus on the set four characters which are Torbjorn, Mercy, Reinhardt, and Tracer, as many of the same principles will translate to when you select your own team. There are four stages to this event and we will break down each section individually, but let’s take a look at each of the four characters and what their roles should be.

Tracer: Perhaps the most difficult role of the four, as Tracer’s base 150 health pool makes her laughably easy to kill if she’s caught out in the open. Given there are so many enemies on the screen at one time, you will always want to know where you’re going when you Blink into combat. While she can easily take out most of the base Omnics, what you want to see her as is a specialist killer who can easily manhandle the shielded Omnics and the enemy Bastions. Her speed can make Tracer very tough for them to follow, so use your pulse bomb and focus on these key targets in a battle. Remember, it’s okay to sometimes just sit behind Reinhardt’s shield and fire as you don’t always need to be moving.

Torbjorn: This defense hero is going to be your primary source of DPS in Legendary Difficulty as his Rivet Gun can tear through most enemies. Your turret placement will, of course, be key but do not neglect throwing armor out even when your team is fully equipped. Armor is what’s helping keep your team alive so never having it available will be a big detriment to your squad. Try to use Molten Core either after an Earthshatter or when the Omnics have grouped up/surrounded your team as it will quickly shred the base enemies, allowing you to focus on the Elite variants. Finally, turret placement is key as enemies will attack it if given the chance, but don’t babysit it while in combat because the turret will be doing minimal DPS compared to your Rivet Gun.

Reinhardt: The shield of the group, Reinhardt has three primary goals and will play roughly the same in almost every competitive match. Keep the shield up, protect your Mercy, and charge prime targets like the giant floating Omnics that look like balloons. Do not just charge into combat, as you’ll have no escape and it will be super easy for enemies to just kill you even with all of your health. Keep Reinhardt in the back and make sure your back is against a solid wall if possible as the Omnics typically come from all sides in almost any engagements. Mercy is the priority to keep alive as her Resurrect ability can literally save the match if everyone starts dying.

Mercy: Speaking of, Mercy is perhaps the most important character of all so make sure whoever takes this role is incredibly comfortable in with the hero. Mercy’s job is literally the same, as she will be your only real source of healing and should Resurrect teammates when more than one is actually down to ensure you maximize the most from your ultimate. However, a good Mercy shouldn’t ignore the damage boost or even pulling her pistol out as it can do a surprising amount of damage if you aim for the head of the Omnics. Always be on the move and make sure to fly between heroes as much as possible when in a chaotic battle as this will help keep you alive. When you’re not moving, just hide behind the payload, a wall, or Reinhardt’s shield.

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