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Outlast 2: How to Heal


Outlast 2: How to Heal

How to Heal in Outlast 2

Although you can’t exactly fight or defend yourself in Outlast 2, you can still take damage from either enemies or the environment. You’ll see injuries on your arms and your screen will get a bit of a tinge as you take more and more damage. Sometimes within the game, you’ll need to make sure you heal in order to survive the next threat.

To heal in Outlast 2 you’ll first need some bandages. You can find these scattered about the game’s world, but do note that they aren’t the most common of items (this is a horror game, after all). You can check how many you have by pressing the Touchpad or Views button to look down at your body (which serves as your inventory) and looking at your right pocket. In order to heal, press Square or X to use one of the bandages.

You can also heal in the middle of gameplay while taking damage. The above method is only useful if you’re alone, as it doesn’t actually pause the action of Outlast 2. To heal while in the middle of the action, hold Triangle or Y when the prompt appears on screen. The animation will take a few seconds as you wrap the bandage around your arm, completely stopping your movement. Make sure to find a safe place first whenever possible, or, at the very least, create some distance between you and whoever is chasing you. 

You can also passively heal as time passes. This isn’t recommended if you’re in the middle of a tricky situation, but for things like falls and run-ins with cacti, it’s best not to waste your bandages.

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