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MLB The Show 17: How to Get Stubs Easily


MLB The Show 17: How to Get Stubs Easily

MLB The Show 17: How to Get Stubs Easily

Step 1: Just Play and Grind Out a Nest Egg

In may seem tempting to spend your Stubs as soon as you get enough to get what you want. Whether it be a pack, a player, training, or a desperation sub to replace someone on your Diamond Dynasty team that you started with that is terrible. However, the best thing really is just to play and save.

Enjoy the game, play some online games or whatever suits your fancy, but just hang onto your Stubs for a while. Don’t stress the wins and losses too much or that it’s taking you a while to get called up if you’re playing Road to the Show. Honestly, being better at the game matters more than player statistics anyway, so just work on your craft.

In addition to getting Stubs, you’ll naturally receive benefits such as training points, and new cards for your Diamond Dynasty team. Wasting a couple hundred Stubs on a replacement player that you could have picked up after a game or something is no good. Just hang tight and hold onto them for a while as having a big bank of them will serve you well later on.

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