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League of Legends: Phoenix 1’s Arrow Named North America LCS Spring Split MVP


League of Legends: Phoenix 1’s Arrow Named North America LCS Spring Split MVP

ADC 2017?

Partway through today’s North American League Championship Series (NA LCS), the Spring Split MVP was named. Phoenix1’s AD Carry (ADC), Arrow received the honor, the first in his position to do so. There was slight buzz coming from the Korean import, who previously played for kt Rolster. Yesterday, Phoenix1 took down FlyQuest and in doing so, placed into third place for the Spring Split.

Arrow has long been in the talks for Split MVP despite Phoenix1 looking rocky at certain points. Arrow is rarely responsible for his team’s losses and almost always plays a big part in their victories. Taking the series to all give games, Arrow only died 7 times total, with 18 kills. Over the Spring Split, Arrow averaged a 5.2 KDA, the highest by far for his position. The second place KDA for the ADC position are Cloud9’s Sneaky and FlyQuest’s Altec at 4.2. Arrow also survives fights pretty well, having over 20 less deaths over the Spring Split compared to other ADCs.

After TSM’s victory in the finals against longtime rivals C9, TSM’s Top Laner Hauntzer, who was also in the running was asking about the decision. Hauntzer expressed some disappointment but also stated that he would rather much be a Split Champion over holding a MVP title. Both are named for NA LCS’s first team in their respective position.

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