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Here’s Your First Look at Jonathan Blow’s Next Game

Jonathan Blow's New Game

Here’s Your First Look at Jonathan Blow’s Next Game

Get a very early glimpse of The Witness and Braid creator’s upcoming title.

Jonathan Blow is renowned for his work on indie darlings Braid and The Witness, with the former garnering praise for helping to usher in the indie game development boom of last generation. So, naturally, he’s now making a game where you push blocks around.

During a presentation at Reboot Develop 2017 in Croatia, Blow offered a brief glimpse of what he described as a “not remotely final” build of his previously unannounced next project. There isn’t a whole lot to see in the footage, which begins around the 5:32:46 mark of the video this Twitch stream. The single level shown features a man pushing a block around a platform suspended over a waterway.

“This is a work-in-progress,” Blow explained. “These are not final visuals, but it’s a nice little grid-based game. I’ve got a guy who can run around and push blocks and stuff.”

Since Blow’s presentation was geared towards developers, the details he shared aren’t the sort of thing most gamers are likely to get worked up over. For instance, Blow revealed that the game will feature lightmaps, shadow maps, and nice tone mapping, if you’re into that sort of technical graphical inside baseball stuff.

The designer did reveal that he’s been working on the title for the past year and that he’s built about 25 hours’ worth of gameplay so far.


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