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Destiny: Vault of Glass Atheon Raid Challenge


Destiny: Vault of Glass Atheon Raid Challenge

Vault of Glass Atheon Challenge – Destiny Age of Triumph

Oh boy, strap yourselves in Guardians because this is arguably the toughest challenge that Bungie has given to date. In order to defeat Atheon players can only kill one of the six Oracles that appear in the alternate timelines apiece, meaning you will need to switch midway through. This will push your team’s speed and communication to the limits as there is very little room for error given these warped sections offer little time to kill the six Oracles that appear. To start, have your squad hang out in the back behind cover to ensure no one is hit by Atheon’s cannon until three people are randomly transported.

Once this happens, call out either Mars (left side) or Venus (right side) and have the home team move to that side. The away squad will need to quickly task someone with picking up the shield and then disposing of the Vex that lie in wait down the stairs, while your first Guardian kills Oracle #1. After this one falls, have the second Guardian kill Oracle #2, with the shield-bearer using their super to finish off Oracle #3. Have the original away team quickly run out and cleansed before two people from the home team go through the portal.

Have the fourth and fifth Guardians kill their respective Oracles, while the sixth Guardian swaps spots on the transporter with one of the two now outside. As soon as the swap happens, the sixth Guardian needs to sprint in and kill his Oracle before all 3 can exit and get cleansed. This will enable the buff period for your fireteam so have everyone meet in the center and pour on the damage to Atheon before scattering. You will want to save your supers for this section, as stacking damage buffs for your squad can quickly drain this bosses health. We recommend using either the Sleeper Simulant, sniper rifles, or heavy machine guns to maximize your damage against this Destiny boss.

This encounter will take a few cycles before the challenge is complete and you’re showered with Destiny loot. You will need some serious communication to deal with section and remember that the home team will also have to deal with suicidal Harpies that are patrolling the area. However, you can easily just stand on top of the ruins to avoid them attacking you, making them fairly easy to deal with.

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