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See the First Deadpool 2 Teaser Trailer


See the First Deadpool 2 Teaser Trailer

“Zip it, Stan Lee!”

The very first teaser trailer for Deadpool 2, the superhero sequel to last year’s Deadpool, has arrived and it’s got clues and hints packed in.

The film’s star, Ryan Reynolds, posted the clip to YouTube. In the trailer, Reynold’s character Wade Wilson sees an old man being mugged down a typically dingy back-alley.

In a nice little Superman pastiche he jumps into a phone booth and attempts to get changed into his Deadpool suit. Hilarity ensues. Stan Lee makes a nice little trailer appearance – much to Deadpool’s irritation.

Eagle-eyed viewers will have noticed the graffiti reference to “Nathan Summers,” a reference to a character from the comics called Cable – he has been teased to be in the sequel.

There are also Firefly posters up in the background clearly visible; could this hint at Nathan Fillion’s presence in the film?

Though the trailer jokes that Deadpool 2 is “coming … not soon enough,” there isn’t actually a concrete release date set for the film.

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