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Performance Test Pits Breath of the Wild on Switch vs Wii U


Performance Test Pits Breath of the Wild on Switch vs Wii U

Wii U owners shouldn’t feel too left out…

The fine folks at Digital Foundry, ever running new games through the ringer for our general knowledge, are hard at work looking at The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Yesterday, we got an in-depth look at how performance compares with the game whether you’re playing docked or portable on the Switch. Today, we see how the Wii U version stacks up to Nintendo’s new console. Check it out.

It’s important to note that the Switch version being played is in docked mode while the Wii U is running natively at 720p vs Switch’s 900p. The Switch version does boast some small graphical advantages like crisper visuals in the distance and such, but the comparison seems to be comparable to the docked vs portable comparison from yesterday. That is especially true in the frame rate test.

While pushing the higher resolution and graphical edges, the docked Switch version of Breath of the Wild had a tough time keeping up a constant 30fps when compared to the Wii U version running at only 720p (like the Switch tablet). Digital Foundry found the differences overall minor, and said both versions run at near-identical graphical settings, so either way you’re getting a great game.


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