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Nintendo Switch May Get a Monster Hunter Game


Nintendo Switch May Get a Monster Hunter Game

“Enjoy it on the 3DS first.”

This first month of the Switch’s launch has seen everyone go weak at the knees for Breath of the Wild. It’s just as well because outside of Zelda, there aren’t an awful lot of great games, especially third-party games, to sink your teeth into. Capcom has let out the slightest hint that Monster Hunter may be making its way over to the switch.

Takashi Mochizuki, a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, was speaking to Capcom veteran designer Shintaro Kojima, and asked if there would be a Monster Hunter game coming to the Switch.

Kojima responded, “Hope you enjoy it on the 3DS first.” Now this is hardly any sort of confirmation, but it does imply that there may be something on the horizon for Capcom’s popular franchise.

Capcom has already shown support for Nintendo’s new platform by releasing Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers for the console. Given how popular the Monster Hunter franchise is – particularly in Japan – it would give a big boost to the platform’s catalgoue.

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