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My Little Blacksmith Shop: What Crystals Do


My Little Blacksmith Shop: What Crystals Do

In My Little Blacksmith Shop, players can find several strange rocks around the forest and near their shop. When picked up, the player can will see that the rock is actually a Crystal that represents either Fire, Water, Light, or Darkness.

Each crystal can be found in a different location. For instance, Water Crystal is found near the water inside the shop, the Light Crystal is found near the stone shield and spear outside, the Fire one is found on the corner torch right outside your shop, and the Dark Crystal is inside the house in the forest.

At the time of writing, the Crystals don’t serve a purpose in the game, but the Light and Dark ones do have some effects when held. When holding the Light Crystal, light particles will appear in the player’s field of view, but other than that, the Crystal does nothing else. The most interesting Crystal at the moment is the Dark one. If the player holds the Crystal while in the house, a shadowy figure will appear. The figure doesn’t do anything and will disappear if the player drops the crystal. If the player picks the crystal up again, the name will change to Dark Crystal (Fear).

According to the devs, they do have plans in store for these Crystals. We’ll keep you updated as more info comes our way.

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