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Mass Effect Andromeda: Station Sabotage Side Quest Guide


Mass Effect Andromeda: Station Sabotage Side Quest Guide

Someone’s up to no good in the station.

Station Sabotage in Mass Effect Andromeda

Station Sabotage is one of the very first side missions you can pick up in Mass Effect Andromeda. After talking to Addison, head down the steps and you’ll see a man struggling with an electronic panel in the wall. Talk to him to start the mission. Your task here is simple: track down electronic panels in the area with your scanner, and try to identify the panels that the saboteur used.

Follow the waypoints on your map and press down on the d-pad when prompted. Look on the walls for white, squarish panels and scan them. Keep your scanner active, and look around the walls for yellow wiring. Follow the wiring to find more electronic panels to scan. After scanning all the panels in the area, Raj will tell you to find Zarah. Head to the tram station and go to Hyperion.

Talk to Zarah, and you’ll be tasked with checking security cam footage. Head back to the tram station and go to the Operations center. Check the security footage until a new waypoint shows up your map, leading you back to Hyperion. Back at the deck, take out the scanner and scan the possible human suspects in the area. When you find him, you’ll have a few dialogue options to get through before completing Station Sabotage and reaping your rewards.

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