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Mass Effect Andromeda: Forgotten History Quest Guide


Mass Effect Andromeda: Forgotten History Quest Guide

Mass Effect: Andromeda Forgotten History Quest Guide

Mass Effect: Andromeda is filled with various tasks and side quests for the Pathfinder to fulfill, and help settle the Andromeda galaxy. Once you meet the Angara in Andromeda, there’s a multitude of quest that’ll pop up, including Forgotten History. You’ll get this quest from Avela Kjar who’s located in the Repository of History on Aya, the hidden stronghold of the Angara. It should be noted that you can only accept this quest after beating the mission Recovering the Past.

Avela is a potential romance option for male Ryder, and in Forgotten History, she’ll send you out on the task of finding ancient Angaran relics across three planets. We’ll help you track down each of those relics.

Relic on Voeld – Forgotten History Quest Guide

The first relic of Forgotten History has a bit of a catch to it since you’ll first need to take down an energy shield in order to gain access to it. On the frozen planet of Voeld you’ll have to finish a quest called Remove the Heart in order to do this. However, in order to prompt this quest, you’ll need to begin another quest called Stage a Rescue. For this one, you’ll want to talk to Skoet in Hijara, who’s just east of the initial landing point on the planet. Once you’ve started going with things, one of the objectives of Remove the Heart will be to take down the energy shield.

Once the shield is down, head to the Jaa Niihk dig site, which you can find in the Northeast corner of the planet. Continue on until you hit the first big room of the complex, then turn left and travel down a tunnel. Just continue down this corridor and take the very first left you can into a room filled with green crates. You’ll find an ancient Angaran figurine just behind them.

Relic on Kadara – Forgotten History Quest Guide

The second relic you’ll need for the Forgotten History quest is located on Kadara, and is an ancient musical instrument. You’ll find the relic on a hill in the Northwest section of the planet, past Kurinth’s Valley. Continue through the mountain pass in this area, then keep going past the lake. Just continue to follow the road north in this area until you reach some hills. You’ll probably need to hop out of the Nomad and roam around this area a bit, until you spot a black pillar on top of a hill. Climb up and you’ll see the relic around the pillar. If you’re having trouble, this is also directly west of the giant Architect you can see flying around the area.

Relic on Elaaden – Forgotten History Quest Guide

The final relic can be found on the desert planet of Elaaden, in the Sea of Ataraxia. Head to the giant area in the Northwest part of the map, and look for some ancient pillars and ruins. These are found in the valley just next to the crashed ship. Here on the ground, you’ll find the ancient Angaran star map and the final relic for the Forgotten History quest.

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