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Dark Souls The Ringed City’s Third Boss: How to Defeat the Spear of the Church


Dark Souls The Ringed City’s Third Boss: How to Defeat the Spear of the Church

Spear of the Church – Dark Souls III The Ringed City

There are a lot of boss types in Dark Souls III, but one of the most unique bosses by far comes in the form of The Ringed City’s Spear of the Church. The third boss in the game, this foe is actually controlled by a human player, meaning that you are now competing in a grand scale PvP match. When the actual boss battle begins, the player will have to face off against a random opponent along with an enemy NPC who is there to help heal your enemy. This can make things tricky, especially if you are more focused on PvE than PvP. When going into this fight, try to bring a shield that can parry, as you may very well be able to riposte your enemy if they spam the R1 button.

When the fight begins, you won’t have to worry about the giant as he doesn’t really do much outside of talk and once the actual battle begins, the big guy will vanish, leaving you with an NPC. She is a rather speedy fighter who can stack on Bleed damage, so make sure you’re not backed into a corner, or you’ll be obliterated. This fighter can also perform self healing and radius healing, both of which are great opportunities to interrupt her with a backstab. Try to kill her as quickly as possible before the actual human-controlled fighter emerges as fighting them both can be especially tricky.

Once the actual human-controlled warrior enters, you will need to shift your focus on them unless the NPC is literally one or two hits away from death. This is where things get tricky because the difficulty of this battle will 100% depend on how skilled of a fighter your opponent is as players could either have a walk in the park or a really hard time. Before rushing into the fray, take a moment to get an idea for your foe’s play style, move set, and what weapon they are using as this will be key to making an opening. Remember, the Spear of the Church controlled warrior will also have access to powerful miracle spells such as electric spears that stun the player and a barrage of small energy bolts.

The one respite you will have is that the boss cannot use their Estus Flasks and has a rather small health pool, meaning you can kill them quickly if they’re not careful. Treat this as you would any other duel and have patience because rushing into this fight will easily get you killed. The terrain is great for kiting the NPC around and making it hard for them to hit you. Around the halfway point if the NPC is dead, the giant (regardless of whether you killed him) will summon another NPC to help out the Spear of the Church. This time, just ignore them unless they are attempting to heal the main boss, then just give them a backstab to interrupt this move.

If you are really struggling with this fight, just log out of the game, go to settings, and switch it to Offline mode as this will make the battle way easier. The NPC version of the Spear of the Church is a bit of a pushover and really is just a slightly more powerful version of any other humanoid opponent you’ve faced so far. The most important thing to remember with this fight is to always watch out for his lightning spears as they will paralyze you and pretty much make you an open target.

However, with some skill and quite a bit of luck on who you face, this boss will eventually fall to your blade. For more guides, tips, and walkthroughs make sure to visit our Dark Souls III The Ringed City wiki.

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