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Bug in Current Overwatch PTR Makes Orisa’s Supercharger the Best Ult in the Game


Bug in Current Overwatch PTR Makes Orisa’s Supercharger the Best Ult in the Game

Sneaky move, Efi Oladele. Sneaky move.

Overwatch’s latest hero, Orisa, has the best ult in the entire game thanks to a bug that gamers recently discovered. Orisa is still only available on PTR at the moment and for good reason. There is currently a bug in the game that makes it impossible or incredibly or difficult to destroy Orisa’s Supercharger depending on what map you’re on and where her ult is placed.

Orisa’s Supercharger gives any teammates within its line of site a 50% damage boost. That’s clearly a big deal. With that kind of damage boost, even the aid of Symmetra’s Shield Generator or Lucio’s Sound Barrier might not be enough to keep your teammates alive. That’s exactly why it’s dire that the enemy team destroys the Supercharger as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, a bug within the game makes that a nearly impossible task. It turns out that Orisa’s Supercharger currently falls through solid objects like stairs and even the payload.

In many cases that makes the Supercharger impossible to damage, which means Orisa is guaranteed to have her ult shoveling out damage boosts for the full 15 seconds. That may not sound like much but in the world of Overwatch, 15 seconds is plenty of time to rack up some game changing eliminations.

Reddit user Muppetfarts shared how the Supercharger falls through the stairs on the Numbani map and other players soon began sharing their own experiences with this very same bug on different maps.

Fortunately, developers have already assured players that they are aware of the issue and will be working to correct it soon. Another major bug that has been exposed on the current PTR includes a problem with Reinhardt’s shield getting stuck and allowing him to hammer away at your poor tiny hero with his shield still up.

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