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Sniper Elite 4: How To Equip Suppressed Ammo


Sniper Elite 4: How To Equip Suppressed Ammo

Not a sound.

Suppressed Ammo – Sniper Elite 4

While the default ammunition for your weapons in Sniper Elite 4 does help you accomplish your basic task of gloriously pulling off nut-shots on Nazis, it does have one major flaw. Namely that it is very loud and can easily give away your position to the enemy. That’s where Suppressed Ammo comes in, a special type of bullet that allows you to fire your weapons without ever making a sound.

But this isn’t something the player usually comes equipped with by default, so to find it, you must search the various ammo caches spread out across the levels. You can also occasionally find it on the corpses of downed enemies.

Once you have some in your inventory, simply go into your weapon wheel and highlight the weapon you wish to equip it to.

A button prompt will be available in the middle of the weapon wheel (RB on the Xbox One) that will then allow you to equip your selected weapon with the new ammo. Bear in mind though that as you switch between these two types of ammunition your character cannot perform any other action and is very vulnerable, so try to avoid doing so near enemies.

If you ever happen to be in a situation where your need to be silent yet don’t have any Suppressed Ammo on your person, you can always learn how to mask the sound of your gunshots.

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