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Nioh: How to Increase Stamina (Ki)


Nioh: How to Increase Stamina (Ki)

Stamina (Ki) – Nioh

Just about every important action you make in Nioh drains Ki which is this game’s version of stamina. Attacking, running, evading, and blocking all eat up this resource, and when it wastes you’re left open for high damage. It’s important to manage the stamina bar as much as you can. To make life easier, you will definitely want to invest in raising the pool available to you.

The stat tied to Ki is actually Heart. The Stamina stat governs how much you can carry. Raising Heart at a shrine while leveling up will increase your overall Ki, allowing you to pull off more actions before having to recharge. It also can increase your health and helps you do more damage with swords and bows, which isn’t too shabby.

You should still work to conserve your Ki, though. Not wearing too much weight, refraining from button mashing, and playing calmly will keep you from stunning yourself. Also, Ki Pulse will help you last in fights much longer. So take advantage of everything you can.

If you still need help with Nioh, make sure to check out our wiki for more guides, tips, tricks, and information. Now get out there and kill some evil spirits.

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