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Nioh: How to Change Your Hair and Beard


Nioh: How to Change Your Hair and Beard

How to Change Your Hair and Beards – Nioh

While Nioh doesn’t let players create their very own characters, you do have the ability to customize the game’s protagonist to your liking, as long as you put in the work. One way to to customize the hero is to alter his hairstyle and beard, but you’ll need to unlock the barber first. It turns out that the barber is the Blacksmith.

Once you gain access to the blacksmith start spending money. As you spend money you’ll earn Patronage Points, and you’ll want one of these. Once you have a Patronage Point, access the Blacksmith menu and press Triangle then select the option “I have a request for Tome.” From there, select “Unlock Barber Menu,” and you’ll be able to get haircuts and shaves.

You’ll unlock different hairstyles and beards as you progress through Nioh’s story, so keep on trucking along and in time you’ll be able to create one seriously stylish samurai who will be the envy of all the Yokai in the land. For a look at these styles, check out our guide over here.

Now that you know how to change your hair and beard, if you need help with anything else in Nioh – such as bosses, collectibles, or getting a hang of all the mechanics – make sure to check out our constantly evolving wiki guide.

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